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For a sleek, bright, and open-looking bathroom, there is nothing more fitting than a frameless shower door or enclosure. Frameless showers are upgrades of traditional metal framed units and come with a number of benefits for your bathroom.

What Does ‘Frameless’ Mean?

Frameless shower doors and enclosures (precisely as their name implies) are showers created using only glass. There is no need for bulky metal framing or the use of troublesome tracks with this design, allowing the glass to stand as an art piece in your space.

What Are The Benefits of Frameless Glass Showers

Aside from their elegant appearance, there are several other benefits to installing a frameless shower door or enclosure. These benefits outweigh the desire for framed units or traditional curtains:

  • Durability:

    Frameless shower doors and frameless shower enclosures are made from thick, durable glass, measuring around 3/8-1/2 inches. This feature allows for a sturdier shower door and walls providing increased safety and stability in the bathroom.

  • Less Leaking:

    The lack of metal framing prevents the structure of the shower weakening due to metal supports, allowing for less of a chance that water will leak out over time.

  • Easy Cleaning:

    Because frameless shower doors and enclosures lack metal framing, there are no stains and corrosion caused by warping metal and tracks. There is also less space for mold and mildew to hide along the showers edge, allowing for easier cleaning and maintenance.

  • Brighter Space:

    With frameless glass, more light is able to shine through your shower, creating a brighter bathroom that appears larger in size.

When To Upgrade To Frameless Shower Doors

Our customers generally upgrade to frameless shower doors or enclosures when they are in need of a replacement for their existing glass shower or when they are renovating a brand new shower. However, working with our design team, any time is a perfect time to switch to frameless components!

Why Choose Superior Shower Door and More for Frameless Shower

Superior Shower Door and More supplies top of the line frameless shower products in both standard and custom designs. Our years of expertise allows us to create uniquely designed frameless glass showers that are both attractive and durable. Our team of craftsmen are extremely precise in every step of the process: from design to measuring, to installation/replacement. We focus on accuracy at all times while ensuring your shower is completed promptly and in accordance with your vision.

Frameless showers can be tricky to install if not done correctly. One measuring error can cause a flooding of issues to come- both literally and figuratively! Tight and correct fits are essential when it comes to glass showers. Without expert glass-working skills and installation techniques, broken glass and water damage due to leaking are common issues we know you’d rather avoid.

What Are the Different Styles of Frameless Glass

Not all frameless glass are made the same, just as no one has the same design taste! When visiting our showroom, our customers can customize their frameless glass doors and enclosures to align with their desired look. Some of the designs options include:

  • Clear Glass: provides a standard, clean, modern look
  • Low Iron Glass: reduced iron content allows for glass to look colorless and allows optimal light in
  • Frosted Glass: gives glass a blur to allow for some privacy
  • Patterned Glass: allows customers to choose from a variety of streaks, stripes, and shapes that give their shower a unique look
  • Tinted Glass: for those who wish to have lots of privacy, brown and gray tints are available
  • Edge Treatments: customers can choose straight, beveled, or artistically shaped edge designs for custom sides to their doors or walls
  • Enclosure Shapes: shower designs come in corner, rough, oval, square, rectangular, and whatever other shape our customers can think of!

What Are The Costs of Frameless Shower Doors and Enclosures

The cost of each particular frameless design will inevitably be determined by the features you desire, but generally, the prices settle in these ranges:

There is no question that frameless glass is the future of glass shower doors and glass enclosures. When you’re ready to upgrade to the Mercedes of glass showers, our exceptional team is ready to provide the best of the best service to ensure your shower is the luxury space you’ve been dreaming of.

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