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Getting Rid Of Shower Limescale

Limescale Cleaning Tips For Shower Doors

While cleaning the shower invites excitement in no-one, it is absolutely necessary, especially if you can’t afford to see your tiles and glass amassing so much filth. If you are tired of your old glass door and are considering replacing it, Superior Shower Door & More Inc. are shower door installers in Sacramento with over 25 years worth of experience in providing exceptional shower glass doors and services to Sacramento and surrounding communities with a passionate approach to renovations. When cleaning the shower, one of the things that most people find extremely off-putting is the build-up of limescale on the door. So what is it and how can you have it removed? Read on to find out.

What is Shower Limescale Buildup?

Limescale, also known as calcium carbonate, is a hard, off-white, chalky, crusty substance found in the inner surface of kettles, water boilers, old pipes, and other surfaces where “hard water” has evaporated. With hard water coming out of the shower head, limescale is likely to climb to the glass, tiles, and other fixtures in the bath and more often than not remains behind even after water has evaporated from these fixtures.

Getting Rid of Limescale

The easiest way of getting rid of limescale is by cutting through the mineral buildup with minimal abrasion. You do this by:

  1. Boiling a cup of white vinegar and allowing it to cook just slightly.
  2. Carry it to the bath, and while protecting your hands with rubber gloves, immerse paper towels into the hot vinegar and then stick them to the glass. Because it is slightly acidic, the vinegar will loosen the mineral deposits on the glass.
  3. Let the vinegar settle a while – preferably 30 minutes to 1 hour. While waiting, intermittently spray the paper towels with vinegar from  a spray bottle to keep the glass wet.
  4. Dampen a rag with generous amounts of baking soda (it reacts well with vinegar to generate extra-effective cleaning power) and wipe the shower door gently so as not to scratch it.
  5. Thereafter, rinse the glass of the vinegar and baking soda with distilled water. Should limescale still remain, repeat step 4 until all buildup has been eradicated


No one enjoys a deep bathroom cleaning. Like most people, you’ve probably been putting off your shower cleaning much longer than you really should. To help you get this task out of the way faster, we suggest you follow these few steps that help slow limescale buildup so you don’t have to clean your glass shower or shower components quite so often. 

  • Treatment of hard water: This is one of the best ways to stall the buildup of limescale. You do this by installing a water softener that treats hard water from where it comes from the shower head so that the water that is emitted contains fewer minerals, meaning that limescale build up will happen at a much slower rate than before. 
  • Preventive vinegar spray: Maybe you don’t have the means to get a water softener installed; what you can do is to fill a spray bottle with vinegar so that after every use of the shower, you spray the door and clean it dry with a clean cloth/towel.
  • Blue Diamond Wash: There are several premier cleaning products that you can buy that are created solely for cleaning your shower. At Superior Shower Door & More, we provide all our new shower installation clients with a free bottle of this environmentally friendly cleaner that can be used throughout your bathroom to clean and maintain glass and other hard surfaces. There are more Diamond Seal Aftercare products available from reputable shower glass and shower product retailers that can help you to keep your shower looking brand new with minimal effort.

Working With An Expert Sacramento Shower Door Specialist

As experts in the industry, our quality installation techniques are far above those of larger companies. Our experience as a small team is derived from years of hard work and thousands of successful bathrooms projects in both residential and commercial applications. Working with glass is a meticulous skill, requiring patience and creativity to create beautiful and sturdy structures. We’ve carefully developed a craft that is both stunning and efficient, providing top of the line shower door and bathroom products on every job. Simply visit to request a free quote. 


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