Glass Shower Doors

As one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, you want your bathroom to shine, without the hassle of high maintenance features. With custom products available, our team will create a stunning glass door enclosure for your shower to serve as the crowning jewel of your bathroom and a conversation starter for all your admiring guests.

Glass Shower Door History

When enclosed glass bathroom doors first hit the popular market in 1963, there were few choices in look and appearance. Tempered glass and bulky metal components were all the rave upon their release but deemed less than appealing for current consumers. Today, the ability to customize glass shower doors is no longer a luxury service only afforded by a few. Our customers can choose the design of their shower door, glass, and metal hardware to highlight their bathroom features rather than covering them up with a curtain.

Overview of Enclosed Glass Doors

Unlike frameless designs, glass door enclosures are stabilized by a selected metal frame surrounding a tub, stall, shower, or tub/shower combination. Metal enclosures serve as a sturdy option for customers with children and can add a touch of style to bathrooms lacking decor.

One of the most desirable features of enclosed glass shower doors is the ability to prevent water from leaking onto your floors. When water consistently leaks outside of the shower, significant damage can be done causing a host of future repairs to flooring, ceilings, and more! By opting for a glass shower enclosure, your ensuring excess water stays off your floors and makes it down the drain where it belongs.

Reasons for Needing a New Glass Shower Door

Customers looking for new glass shower doors often fit into one of two categories: repair or renovation.

Repair: When a shower door is old and worn, you typically cannot go to the store same day to buy a new one as you would with a shower curtain. Outdated shower door designs require custom design techniques to provide a replacement for a proper fit. Showers equipped with broken shower doors are burdens in your bathroom. Understanding each bathroom is different, Superior Shower Doors and More is committed to getting you a quick solution to your shower door repair. We’ll work with you to design a custom enclosed door perfect for your current frame to get your shower back in business.

Renovation: For customers looking for a complete bathroom renovation, a new shower stall or tub can be extremely exciting. But the number of components required in a new bathroom design can often become overwhelming. Luckily, Superior Shower Doors and More can alleviate a great deal of stress by providing custom design services for your enclosed shower stall or tub; focusing on the smallest components to result in the relaxing bathroom you desire. Our showroom is the best place to start your renovation and getting those creative juices flowing!

Benefits of Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are becoming more popular than ever as a safe and beautiful alternative to showcase your bathroom. Compared to traditional shower curtains, glass shower door enclosures…

  • Are easier to clean and maintain
  • Do not absorb mold and mildew as cloth curtains
  • Do not release harmful chemicals such as vinyl curtains
  • Make your bathroom look larger and brighter

Shower curtains come in several patterns and textures to accent your bathroom decor, but require liners requiring frequent replacing or cleaning due to the accumulation of mold and mildew stains. They are often pulled down by small children, causing possible injury and are a definite frustration for parents. And certain liners are made up of materials that can release toxins into the air, which pose health concerns to your family members, especially young lungs.

Enclosed glass shower doors are made of safe and sturdy materials. They allow for more light to enter your bathroom for a larger appearance, which is always helpful in these small spaces. Custom glass doors can highlight your tub and tile detail you worked so hard to complete, with varying levels of transparency depending on your preference.

Types of Glass Doors and Enclosures

There are several types of glass door enclosures perfect for your unique bathroom. Superior Shower Doors and More provides sleek and stylish designs for:

  • Luxury shower stalls
  • Relaxing tubs
  • Classic tub/shower combinations
  • Corner shower doors

With our customizable designs, we are dedicated to finding the right fit for your shower needs. Choosing enclosed glass shower doors for your next bathroom project is an excellent choice to bring more style and functionality to an often neglected gem in your home.