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Is It Time To Upgrade Or Replace Your Shower Door

If you are looking for shower doors in the Sacramento area, you need to hire a real expert. At Superior Shower Doors and More, we are dedicated to installing high-quality shower doors.

The Importance Of The Shower Door

The very first time you saw a glass shower door, you realized you needed one. It is an elegant look that you wanted in your shower room. 

You can easily see the reason why luxury hotels have one. They can immediately raise the elegance of any bathroom. There are a lot of styles and designs terms for you to choose such as modern, contemporary, rustic or elegant. 

But more than this, a good shower door accomplishes many things for your shower room. Beyond it beeing practical and fulfilling its essential function to keep water inside, but it lets light so you can enjoy the sun. In addition, it is more practical and easier to clean a glass door than a shower curtain and you will not have to replace them as frequently.

One more benefit is the visual part. A shower door opens up the bathroom space, and gives an aesthetical visual appearance, as well as it gives a modern look to your shower room.

But after many years of having had a shower door, it may not be practical or elegant any longer. And the style may be out of date.

How Do You Know It’s Time

You can notice you need a new shower room if you answer yes to one of the following questions.

  • Does your shower door leaks?
  • Does it look dingy?
  • Does it hurt your finger?
  • Does it make a noise?

Or simply the visual style of the shower door does not combine with the rest of the bathroom.  

So, it is time for you to get a new shower door.


This is easier than you can imagine. At Superior Shower and More, we specialized in high-quality shower doors and make it easy for our clients to get their dream shower room.

Typically, a new shower door is part of a bathroom remodeling project. Our costumers usually contact us to see all the designs we have to offer. The displays we have in our showroom make it easy to visualize all the styles and custom designs. You will choose the right style and design you want for your remodeling project.

When you have decided on upgrading your shower style or replacing the door shower, you definitely want to see what options you have. You can focus on design or safety. You may want a modern and aesthetical design or you may want a more sophisticated and elegant design. At Superior Shower Doors and More, we count on a group of expert designers who will guide you to find the model and design that best fits your needs.

No matter if you are planning to remodel your whole bathroom, add a new shower, or simply replace your shower room, we will provide expert assistance in choosing the perfect shower door for your bathroom. 

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