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Removing Scratches From Shower Glass

How To Treat Tempered Shower Glass When Scratched

Whilst life as a parent can bring you so much joy, there are moments where having to deal with mischief from the kids can get you all worked up; for example having to deal with a scratched shower door. If you are faced with such a seemingly bad situation, and so have need of replacement shower doors Sacramento, we’ve got your back. In the meantime, if it’s not that bad, read on for a few tricks to help deal with removing scratches from your shower door.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a form of toughened, treated glass that is often used in a number of home applications, including shower doors. But just like any other type of glass, tempered glass is still subject to build up and dirt, scuffs and scratches. Luckily, there are some super easy ways to clean and treated scratched tempered glass.

Do a quick analysis of the damage

Depending on how bad the scratch is, tempered glass can be restored to its original beauty without incurring any expense to have it replaced. First of all, your task will be to inspect how bad the scratch is. Do this by cleaning the glass thoroughly with a soft rag to get a better perspective of the depth of the damage. In the event that the scratch catches your fingernail, you may have to seek help from a professional as scratch may be too deep to remove all by yourself

However, if it’s not that deep, here are a couple of ways to help get rid of the scratch:

  • Toothpaste and a soft cloth

Get whitening toothpaste (this is more abrasive than the regular one) and apply just a small amount to a clean piece of cloth. Apply the cloth with the toothpaste unto the scratched glass surface and as if trying to clean the scratched surface, move the cloth in circular motions. The grit in the toothpaste is just enough to get rid of small scratches from tempered glass. After some time, wash the glass with water to see whether or not the scratch is still evident. If it still is but seems like there are just tiny portions, do repeat the process a couple of times till everything is clear. Scratches still proving a bit stubborn to leave? Move to next step

  • Liquid Pumice soap

Get liquid pumice soap if the whitening toothpaste isn’t doing the job. Pumice soap has a lot more abrasive elements that are likely to get rid of scratches from your tempered glass much more effectively. Just like you did with the clean cloth and toothpaste against the scratched glass, do same with the pumice soap and in circular motions, rub it against the glass for a couple of minutes before rinsing the glass with clean water to reveal your work. If scratch still remains, it’s time to make use of a sander!

  • Sanders

Sanders are powerful tools used to smooth surfaces. What you have to do is to purchase a buffing compound (Cerium oxide and jeweler’s rouge are more popular) and apply the compound of your choice to an orbital sander fitted with a soft cloth. Your task will be to polish the scratched glass with the sander. Whilst doing this allow water to trickle from a saturated cloth unto the surface you are polishing so that the buffing compound doesn’t dry out to create more scratches. After a couple of minutes of doing this, set down the sander, and using a soft brush along with a liquid dish soap, clean the glass. Dry the glass to reveal whether or not scratches remain.

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