Custom Glass Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures in Sacramento

At Superior Shower Door & More, we pride ourselves in quality work at a quality price. Our friendly and helpful staff will promptly handle all your needs. Whether you are starting a construction project or just updating your existing home, we are here to help. Look at the products we offer:

Shower Doors:

We have what you are looking for. Your bathroom shouldn’t be a place for the mundane. It is your escape for pampering, a place to get ready for that special occasion, or your spa – make it a relaxing place. Perhaps you like the contemporary look of chipped edge double doors, elevating the look of your bathtub with a frameless door and panel, or the modern look of an S-curve sliding door. No matter your style, we have what you need.

  • Glass Shower Doors: Our glass doors come in many styles, from clear glass for a clean and crisp look, or an etched/frosted look for more privacy. Add a stylish flare by adding a firetop chipped edge to your glass door. Choose from the following styles: corner, frameless, pivot, round, sliding, and trackless.
  • Frameless Shower Doors: Add a classic and a modern feel to your bathroom by installing a frameless shower door to showcase your beautiful shower. This style is characterized by minimal hardware and no outer frame. As with our glass doors, you may also opt for a clear, etched, or a firetop chipped edge.
  • Shower Door Installation & Replacement – framed and frameless: Our staff of licensed and bonded technicians will professionally and carefully replace or install your new glass shower door. Call 916-684-6525 or visit our showroom today. We will gladly provide a free estimate.

Shower Enclosures:

You can’t hang a door without an enclosure. Choose the perfect attachment to accent your glass shower door. We specialize in quality enclosures, from a broader neo angle style to the less intrusive styling of a semi-frameless 90-degree variety. Whether you need a full shower or just a bathtub enclosure, we are glad to help.

  • Glass Shower Enclosures: Our enclosures come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your desired look and feel. Maybe you prefer a large four wall shower, or perhaps you have a smaller bathroom and envision a tucked away corner variety. Call or visit us today to see what we have in stock. We offer the following enclosure types: frameless, sliding, bathtub, textured glass, framed.
  • Frameless Shower Enclosures: A frameless look is a popular option for many because of great versatility in style. It can provide a clean and sleek feel, or a simple and understated one. Frameless options are also a good choice if you have tile work or other design features you would like to showcase.
  • Shower Enclosure Installation & Replacement – framed and frameless: Our staff of licensed and bonded technicians professionally and carefully replace or install your new glass shower door. Call 916-684-6525 or visit our showroom today. We will happily provide a free estimate.

Bathroom Glass:

Nothing finishes off a beautiful bathroom like glass shelving and mirrors. Our shelving options range from in shower to standard wall shelves, even corner rounded and triangle varieties. We also specialize in mirrors. From frameless to framed, with a beveled edge, or a custom chipped edge – if you can dream it, we can make it a reality.

  • Cabinet Glass: We offer a variety of styles; our cabinet glass options are ideal and provide a flat polish edge and touch corners. Whether you are looking to create a refined look for your new bar or want a sleeker look for your favorite cabinet at home, see what we have to offer.
  • Custom Mirrors: If you are looking for a specific look by way of mirrors, let us “hook” you up. Anything from mirrors in your family room, bathroom, weight room, or something to accent your bar, we have a variety of styles and sizes. We can even help outfit your gym or studio with full wall to ceiling mirrors.
  • Custom Glass Shelving: Our shelving options are just the thing to create a classy, refined, and sleek look. Our shelving options are perfect for your bathroom, either in the shower or for standard wall options. We also specialize in shelving for all other rooms in your home.
  • And More: We don’t just stop at shower doors and enclosures, or shelving and mirrors. We also offer many other products, such as glass stair railings to add a touch of luxury to your home. We also provide door glass with custom etchings. If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality for you.

Our fast and friendly team proudly stands behind our service and our work. Let us be the solution to your shower and other glass improvement needs. Call us at 916-684-6525 or visit our showroom today.