Shower Door Installation

Whether you require a standard product or a customized design, our experts can create a shower glass door perfect for your dream bathroom. When it comes to installing them- our skills are just as excellent.

Installation vs. Replacement

Sometimes used simultaneously, a shower door installation is different from a door replacement. When a glass shower door or enclosure is worn and broken, a replacement is needed to bring full functionality back to your bathroom.

In comparison, installation is a process of placing a glass shower door for the first time. Whether you are renovating an entire bathroom or just the shower portion, our seamless installation services will ensure your new glass shower upgrade is stunning and efficient no matter which design you choose.

Types of Installation Services

Our expert technicians have a critical eye for detail, completing each installation in accordance with the type of shower desired. Standardized options are available for each style, but we are always ready to step outside of the box to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom just for you.

Glass Shower Doors:

As opposed to outdated shower curtains, glass shower doors are an excellent alternative to a safe, low maintenance shower entrance. Shower doors come in multiple different styles, including bypass (sliding), picot, rounded, and net-angle doors for corner units. Our technicians are expertly trained to fit each style of shower door securely to the walls and tubs in your bathroom to achieve your desired look and functioning.

Glass Shower Enclosures:

With walls of glass on multiple sides, showering in a glass shower enclosure will become one of the most relaxing moments of your day. When designing an enclosure with our team, your shower will be created with as much privacy and detail as you desire. Using state of the art techniques, our glass experts can customize rounded, square, oval, and corner units easily. Installing glass shower enclosures requires skillful measurements and sturdy hands to ensure all components fit correctly and work properly.

Frameless Shower Doors:

For modern showers, frameless shower doors provide an elegant substitute to traditionally framed doors. Frameless shower doors can easily be installed into most style of bathrooms, eliminating the need to line up the glass to metal tracks. These doors come with several standard options, but with the opportunity to design your unique piece. Frameless doors are composed of thick glass, resulting in a durable product with shatter resistance properties.

Frameless Shower Enclosures:

Showering in a frameless shower enclosure transports you to an oasis you won’t wish to escape. Without the appearance of bulky metal framing, frameless shower doors allow for showering in optimal light, making your bathroom appear larger. Installing frameless shower enclosures is simple without the step of installing tracks. Metal frames contain corrosive properties, sometimes resulting in rust. Cleaning and maintenance are easy with a custom design or even standard frameless shower- no metal to cause stains or to pose an obstacle to removing scum!

Benefits of Professional Installers

Anyone can search online for How to Install a Glass Shower, but they may find the process is a lot more complex than they’d hope. There are several benefits to keep in mind when it comes to hiring a professional installer for your glass shower doors:

  • Custom Designs: With a custom designed piece will come custom installation practices. No one knows the custom door or enclosure better than the experts who created it.
  • Unique Spaces: Even with standard products, every bathroom is unique. Allowing a professional to come in, measure, and properly fit a factory made/custom product will improve your chances that the product is installed accurately.
  • Proper Measurements: The slightest error in measurements can cause a disastrous fit when it comes to shower doors. Our team is trained to perform the intricate measurements needed to install a door correctly the first time around.
  • Year of Experience: With professional shower glass installers, chances are they have seen their fair share of error and problems. These years of experience help them to avoid common pitfalls DIY’er may run into during their projects.

Allowing our professional team to assist in the installation of your glass shower doors and enclosures can take added stress of you while adding assurance to the lifespan of your new beautiful shower.